Shoulder stiffness releasing pose

Kati Chakrasana (waist rotating pose) is a deceptively simple asana that is great to do first thing in the morning as it releases stiffness in the shoulders and back and also helps to correct poor posture.

Kati Chakrasana

Stand with the feet shoulder width apart. Raise the arms to shoulder level and twist the torso to the right, keeping the hips facing forward. Bring the left hand to rest on the right shoulder and wrap the right hand around your back into the curve of the waist. Look over your right shoulder as far as is comfortable. Gently accentuate the twist by stretching the abdomen. Hold for 20-30 seconds. Repeat on the other side. You can do this pose any time throughout the day to relieve any build up of upper body tension, especially if you sit a lot or work on computers for longer periods.

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